The Not So Sinister Family Secret Of My Granny Anderson


Family stories are an important piece to understanding your family history.  Genealogy isn’t just about a list of names but about understanding the times, places, and circumstances of our family members.  Genealogical research can give the names of the people, places, times, and events but creating a family history is about using those facts you have gathered, using historical sources about conditions and events that were happening around your family members, and helping to use those to fill in the facts to create a broader picture and bring those facts to life in a meaningful way. This is a story about an event from those records I was able to retrieve about my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Anderson putting the facts together with historical information available to understand what was going on so I could better understand what I was seeing in the records and the most logical reasons why.  I know that last sentence doesn’t sound too exciting but it is how this story came about. Theme Music is taken from TRIBUTE TO O’CAROLAN by Luna Bujalesky Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License — Send in a voice message:


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