Getting By With A Little Help From Our Friends


In my fifth episode, I begin a look Canadian Census over the next few episodes with an overview of the importance of Canadian Censuses for Genealogists.

In my second segment I sit down and talk with fellow Canadian Podcast Genealogist Kael Sherman of The Maple Family Treehouse Podcast, we discuss his podcast, how he podcasts with a sense of purpose, the importance of understanding cultural history in conjunction with understanding our individual family history.  We talk about his recently discovered Acadian ancestry and understanding that within the greater context of his family tree.
*Post discussion Kael mentioned he quoted the Cyr Family arrival date wrong it was not  1624 but rather it is actually somewhere between 1644 – 1686.

In Our third segment, I discuss briefly the idea of Collaborative Genealogy using sites such as Wikitree to how to share your work in a mutually beneficial way reaching out to family members you may not know, and making contact to help fill the branches of your tree.

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Canadian Census at National Archives
Wikitree — Send in a voice message:


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