Was the Acadian Deportation a Cultural Genocide?


f the Acadian Expulsion and the policies behind it were to happen in another country today would we call it an attempt at Cultural Genocide?  Listen to Marc &  you decide?                                

This is the amazing story of how an interest in understanding his unique family name lead Marc Bastarache into a genealogical search unearthing  discoveries about his Acadian Ancestry.      

His story includes a war, imprisonment, escape  reunion and the cycle continued throughout the period of The Acadian Deportation.  He debunks the Longfellows story of Evageline which Romanticized teh story but got facts wrong as well as pointing out how a lot of New England’s Business Families at the time including  future President of The Continental Congress and Prominent signer of the Declaration of Independance John Hancock  profited off the British Government’s policy of Acadian Expulsion.     

 His story is what we can all look forward to finding when we dig into our past every family has those people who lived and experienced History in a way that is unique.  While you might not find a King, Queen, President etc in your tree you’ll find everyday people who did extraordinary things which shaped the history of a Nation, Community or even your own family. 

 Read more about the Acadians I suggest these books: Great and Noble Scheme: The Tragic Story Of The Expulsion Of The French Acadians  https://amz.run/5dWt 

Acadian Driftwood: One Family and the Great Expulsion  https://amz.run/5dWv

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