Finding refugees from the Scottish Clearances in Pictou Nova Scotia


In this episode Brian Nash sits down with Susan Parker from the McCulloch House  Museum and Genealogical Centre in Pictou Nova Scotia  to discuss Scottish Settlers, The Hector, and how her and the rest of the staff can help you research your Scottish Ancestors in Nova Scotia. 

McCulloch House Museum and Genealogical Centre

HAGGIS (Hector Archiving Gateway and Genealogical Indexing System)

Resources about the Highland Clearances and Scottish Canadians:

Set Adrift Upon the World: The Sutherland Clearances

Fast Sailing and Copper-Bottomed: Aberdeen Sailing Ships and the Emigrant Scots They

Carried to Canada, 1774-1855

After the Hector: The Scottish Pioneers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, 1773-1852

A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation, Vol. 1


As a Genealogist, Brian focuses on the people, places, and events that make up the people’s

family stories.

Brian is a Genealogist who started working on his own family tree over 30 years ago and hasbeen able to trace one family line back to as early as 950 AD.

Brian traces his own family from Scotland and Ireland to the New World where they wound up in

Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in the 18th and 19th Century in some cases fleeing theirhomelands due to the Highland Clearances in Scotland or the Potato Blight in Ireland in otherstaking their Expertise and Coal Miners from Scotland to Cape Breton or their Mercantile and

Manufacturing Skills from Ireland to the streets of Halifax

Brian has held memberships in; The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia, The Scottish Genealogical Society, and the Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society.

He currently resides in Prince Edward Island Canada with his wife and children.

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